Teaching 3rd World Countries
  Bob Chase has had a successful custom cabinetry business for many years. During that time he also has travelled to many third world countries to donate his time and skills to help build schools, orphanages, churches, medical clinics, missionary homes and a literacy training center. He currently is helping develop vocational schools in Belize, Guatemala and Africa to provide occupational opportunities in impoverished countries. These DVDs were originally created to teach woodworking at these schools. We are offering them for sale to help finance further such efforts. Below are pictures of some of the projects he has worked on.

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(Vo-Tech School)
(Vo-Tech School)
(Congo Initiative University)

“We have been using these DVD’s for the past two years at our Vo-Tech School with great results….Very good teaching material!  So good that in six months my students were able to make a kitchen cabinet by themselves.  Thanks Bob for having such a great idea and putting it together!”

~Ovidio Ochaeta
Guatemala Vo-Tech School | Guatemala


“We are pleased to use the Bob Chase Woodworking video series at Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech.  The series has many helpful tips on how to craft quality products in a timely manner.  I recommend this series for the novice and the experienced woodworker.”

~Lyle Rainey, Director – Global Outreach
Belize Vo- Tech | Belize, Central America


“Simple, well thought out, and comprehensive.  This is how I would describe these videos. Right from the beginning I was thrilled with how easy they were to follow and absorb the information.  I’m a visual learner so being able to see the tools up close and show how things were put together was such a help.  I also love the practicality of the information in these videos.  I didn’t need thousands of dollars worth of high end woodworking tools to put what I learned into action.  The advice was simple and easy to put into practice no matter what equipment is currently in my shop.”

~Tony Templeton

“These DVD’s are highly recommended. Quick, easy instruction segments, brilliant and professional and also a very comprehensive presentation packed in 9 DVD’s you clearly can learn to make cabinets, doors, shelves and drawers.  Bob Chase’s years of experience are evident even in showing you what you need to set up a workshop of your own.  You will enjoy and learn at the same time. His instruction gave me the know how to make, not only cabinets, but other items such as furniture.”

~Dave Skroch

“A “Complete Guide to Woodworking” is a wealth of information both for beginners and those with more woodworking experience.  I am a hobbyist woodworker and have used what I learned to make cabinets, sets of drawers, trim and other projects.  His no-nonsense approach makes woodworking more fun. I am glad that Bob Chase has saved what he has learned in the last 50 years in this set of DVD’s.”

~Dr. Steve Hammer

“I would like to say thank you to the Cabinetmaker!  I have a limited amount of time in which to finish my woodworking projects.  The Cabinetmaker DVD has been an invaluable resource in helping me to simplify and be more efficient.  It’s easy to use format allows for quick referencing and problem solving.  I believe this DVD is an essential resource and should be in every woodworker’s library.”

~Pat Horn